Kecak Dance

waka gangga overviewsKecak Dance is originated in year 30’s, one of the famous Balinese dancing played by male dancers. What makes this dance unique is the sound that they produced by their lips, so that there is no sound of gamelan orchestra. By uttering the sounds of “Cak”, their hands will rise up and the body will shake, following up the rhythm of the sounds, as well as the story.

Kecak Dance is taking for the great Hindu epic of Ramayana and Mahabarata story that happened between Treta Yuga (400 years BC) and Dwapara Yuga (100 BC).

According to Ramayana Story, about the kidnapping Sita, the wife’s of Rama, the son of King Janaka, until the death of Rahwana’s son, Megananda in the battle. The parts of Mahabharata story about the marriage of Arjuna with Goddness Supraba in heaven.


Regular Performance:

The Title” Megananda Pralaya”or The death of Meganada

On Request:

The Title “Arjuna Wiwaha” or The Marriage of Arjuna






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