Sanur Village Festival 2010

Sanur Village Festival 2010

Sanur Village festival (SVF), yearly event for the fifth time will held on 04 August until 08 August 2010. The event will take place at Segara Ayu beach and Inna Grand Bali Beach Sanur, in Sanur Village. The theme for this year is taken from Sanur area “Sahanuur”, to add the regular theme "The New Spirit of Heritage '. Saha means together, and begged Nuur means holy light, that is “the passion to visit a certain place”. The Chairman of the Committee Shidarta Ida Bagus Putra said, from the event, hopefully the theme will always give the sacred rays of Ida Shang Hyang Widhi (Almighty Gods) to better harmony.

Some activities will held at Sanur Village festival (SVF) such traditional djoekoeng (boat) competitions, kite competitions, performances of traditional arts, painting exhibitions, yoga mass, and others. On the opening of the event, it will celebrate with Sahanuur dance Beleganjur Parade in collaboration with other instruments as well as Gong Kebyar children involve children Sanur community. Another social activities will held such plan the Intaran trees to preserve the environment as these trees are very suitable in coastal areas, as well as having a lot of usability. There will be collaboration with jazz music instrumental music of Bali besides displaying art on the drum and dance performances. Yoga activist from all over Bali are invite to the event as well.

The first performance, on the opening by the dance called Saha Nuhur and continue with the puppet shows of Cenkblong. Some traditional of arts and modern music will involve a hundreds of musician and artist to celebrate the festival. The art performance of SMP Wisata and group of artist of Sanur Kaja village will also participate.

In the next evening, there is a performance by the artist of Sanur Kauh village and Sanur district, after that the collaboration of Balaganjur. For group of modern music will be performed base on schedule sekehe (group) gong kebyar, that is Balawan & Batuan Ethnic Fussion, Tude and friends.

Second day, there will perform Koko Harsoe group and gong kebyar, Tan Lioe Ie & Blues Poetic Musical, Nyanyian Dharma (Sing of Truth) and Crazy Horse. Third day, there will perform since evening by Ardo & Delights, gong kebyar, Baio, and Gus Kompmyang & Bingos. Also there is a collaboration of puppet performance with puppeteer Mr. Sidia.

The visitors will be entertained by Farabi Jazz Junior, gong kebyar, Ito Kurdi & Abad 21 group and Monkey Boots. The last day will perform Leghawa Reggae, Joni Agung & Double T, and Legend with Steven Jam & Sanur Reggae All stars.

During Sanur Village Festivals, there is also exhibition of bonsai and adenium, city tour with bicycle, that is Sanur Village Cycling and Denpasar City Tour, cooking competition for chef by Bali Culinary Challenge, art village, Sanur Open Golf Tournament, "Under Water Festival", traditional boat competition and Kite Festival, Yoga Village), Fishing Tournament), Global Warming Act, photography Contest, Marine Water Sport, Sport Activity, Games Activity and food bazaar