Quarterly arrival to Bali is Barely up 4.7%

March’s foreign tourist arrival to Bali 161,169 is increased month-on-month 4.7%, as compared to the same month in 2008. Arrivals covering the first three months of the year totaled 465,182 - improving 3.61% over first quarter period in 2008 448,954.

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Bali still shown the promising business of hospitality industry, though Bali's salvation remains it steady source of regional travelers coming from the Asia-Pacific and Asia. Tourists fly from the Asian-Pacific region increased 4.89%, while ASEAN visitors increased 19.91%.

However total visitors from Europe and America had dropped 3.56% and -3.12%, in that order, during the first quarter of 2009. Australia has shown the positive trend for Bali tourist arrivals, Japan indeed still number one in the rank of total arrival to Bali of the first quarter period, but Australia had followed Japan closely. Australia may return as the top rank in the tourist arrival to Bali.

A new player in Bali's top 5 producing markets is the People's Republic of China, now ranked at the number 3 post, eyeing a chance to become number 2 as the year progresses. In the number four ranking is Malaysia. South Korea and Taiwan who have traditional been Bali's third and fourth largest source markets are now some distance back in the pack, involved in a neck-on-neck battle for fifth and sixth place.