Pura Agung Jagatnatha

Pura Agung Jagatnatha

Pura Agung Jagatnatha is a place of worship to Almighty God as the ruler of universe. Pura Agung Jaganatha is located at Jalan Mayor Wisnu Denpasar in front Puputan square or on the right side of the Bali Museum and this temple was built in 1953.

Usually on days of religious ceremony, the temple is visited by the visitors especially for migrants from outside of Denpasar who do not have the opportunity to leave the village, they are able to conduct prayers in this temple. This place is usually crowded on holidays approached such as Galungan, kuningan, Saraswati, Siwaratri and Full moon and dead moon.

In the temple there is a shrine has approximately 15 meters high. At the top of the shrine there is a picture of Acintya (Symbols of All Mighty God), previously coated with gold. The shrine was standing in the middle, surrounded by a pond. Lotus pond is overgrown with trees are inhabited by thousands of fish.

The temple shrines, in addition, there are two canopies shrines standing on the left-right, front of the shrine. While the shrine of Queen Niang stood in the northeast. There are also the shrine of Karang Dalem and Queen Made. Near Queen Niang shrine, there is bodi tree grows. Like most others temples, there are also bale kulkul (wooden bell), pamiyosan, paselang bale, bale gong, other shrines, and the grand hallway (pemedal). Outside of the temple there are two Panglurah shrine.

Pura Agung there Jagatanatha padmasana (holy place) made of white coral, and consisting of an empty throne, symbolic of heaven, on the cosmic turtle and two helpers mythological dragon or snake, which symbolizes the foundation of the world. Just as other temples on the island, Pura Agung Jagatanatha consists of a large yard and a series of several temples set in the vicinity. The entrance to the magnificent and decorated with beautiful patterns of the stories from Hindu epics, the gods and goddesses are carved on the walls, carved stone temples abound in this charming. Large statue of the ruler of the underworld are at the tower outside. Like a central courtyard surrounded by a moat gallery.