International Yoga Festival 2009 in Bali

International Yoga Festival 2009 in Bali

A Yoga retreat will be starting in Bali for a week long event started on March 3 2009 and will be concentrated in Renon, Denpasar.

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About hundreds of international Yoga instructors will convene in Bali for a one week International Yoga Festival.The Chairman of the Bali-India Foundation Mr Somvir said that this international standard event is the natural outcome of 'yoga day' which has been intensively promoted over the past two years.

He said that this year's event has adopted the theme of "Yoga for Peace and Health" with all activities being headquartered at the Monument for the People's Struggle in the Niti Mandala Section of Renon, Denpasar.

Yoga teachers from around the world will conduct yoga courses as a means of promoting personal health throughout the week-long event. These training sessions are open to the public without reference to their individual religious beliefs.
Somvir told the media that those who follow the yoga courses will be able to preserve their general health as well as seek cures for a number of illnesses.