Bali weather

Silent day

Astronomically Bali Island is located about 8 ° 25'23 "south latitude and 115 ° 14'55" East Latitude tropical climate which makes it like the rest of Indonesia. Temperatures usually range between 30 ° C (mid-80 ° F) throughout the year. Like other areas, Bali also has 2 seasons the rainy and dry seasons.

The rainy season usually starts in early October through March and a dry season from April to September with low humidity. In recent years tended to unpredictable weather, given the ongoing global warming. With the ongoing of humidity, usually the sun is scorching. You are advised to either form of using protective lotion, umbrella or any clothing that can protect your skin from sunburn. Despite the ongoing rainy season but sometimes the sun is still shining and the warm rain will moisten the earth.

With tropical weather,, some regions at island of Bali also have different temperature levels with regional and local south and north east and west.

From the beach area with warm temperatures up to the mountains where the temperature is cool and cold, such as Bedugul and Kintamani with the region which is always wet and foggy.