Bali Museum

Bali Museum

Bali Museum was built in 1910 and located in the city of Denpasar, on the east side of Puputan square or on the right side Jagatnatha Temple. The museum is using a traditional architecture with Balinese ornaments. Physical structure of buildings shaped like a palace (puri) or place of worship (heaven or the temple).

Bali Museum has three buildings that follow the concept of the trimanandala; the outer, the middle (the outside before it enters the nucleus), the main theater and offal (the core).

Bali Museum is also divided into two parts, with old buildings and new buildings. The museum has a bale bengong located in the upper right corner, in the middle. While wooden building is located at the top left corner.

On the core of this museum has three buildings are buildings on the north of Tabanan as a collection of exhibitions of goods - items of art and ethnography, Karangasem Building in the middle is a place of exhibition of archaeological history, ethnography and art as well as some modern paintings.

Buleleng Building located on the south, where the exhibition is a collection of tools house wares, craft tools, agricultural tools and fishing, entertainment tools, statues and primitive simple style made from clay, stone and other forth.

In the new complex of buildings there is the library, and also building for temporary exhibitions. The whole complex of new buildings for administrative functions and organization of exhibitions temporary or periodic exhibitions organized by the Museum of Bali itself or certain other institutions. Performances or performing arts are also conducted in the new building complex in the south.