Bali Kite festival

Bali Kite festival

Bali Kite festival, an annually kite festival in Bali will be held on 13 - 15 July 2012. The location of this festival will be at Padang Galak Beach, Sanur – Bali. The participants of this festival are the villager from Denpasar City. Some other regions in Indonesia as well as overseas also participate on this event.

During the harvesting time, the wind blow very hard and this is a good time to organize the festival. Some Balinese traditional kites such as Bebean (fish-shaped), Janggan (bird-shaped) and Pecukan (leaf-shaped) and also new kites creation will follow the contest. The sizes of the kites are ranging between 4 meters - 10 meters long. Such Janggan kites possible to have 200 meters long tale. The design of the kites will be with black, red and white colors as Balinese traditional kites, except for the kites with new creation.

Balinese children and adults fly kites in the vacant rice paddies during this period. They will perform a group that consisting of some members and will make some kites. Each of group will bring their own kites to the competition site and they will play the Balinese gamelan orchestra called Beleganjur throughout the festival.

One group may consist of more than 10 persons and it depend on the size of the kites. The more length, the more members are needed. The members are competing with other members, and the judges will see the way and the longer time the kite could fly. The kites should follow the wind softly, so that the best members will get trophy and money if one of the kites selected to be a winner.

Each of the group will take care of the kites. Sometimes if it could not fly well, then they will arrange the formation, not to let the kites drop direct to the ground but hence they will catch the kites once they reach into the ground so that the kites may not damage. But at some certain conditions, the kites may damage as the group unable to cope up the situation, probably it will drop at certain difficult place to reach by the members.