Bali Arts Festival: a festivity of art and communities

For the thirty first times, Bali Arts Festival will be held in Bali for a month-long festivity to celebrate art and communities’ gatherings.

 Bali art festival Bali art festival

The thirty-first Bali Arts Festival will be opened officially by Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, foreign ambassadors and a number of ministers at the Ardha Candra Art Center in Denpasar which will be the drama and dance play “Bima Swasrga”.

The art parade which traditionally to open the Arts Festival will be conducted and lead by Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika. Although this minor change, the five main agenda items of the Bali Arts Festival will remain unchanged to include the cultural parade, stage performances, competitions, meetings and seminars, and a handicraft exhibition of small industry.

The Opening parade on June 13th will start in front of the Jaya Sabha building in Renon and head toward the Taman Budaya, which will be a parade of about one and a half kilometers from Renon. The Starting point of the opening parade of Bali Arts Festival was returned to the original which had started in 1978 by the Bali Arts Festival initiator the late Ida Bagus Mantra.

The change in location reflects the wishes of many people in Bali, a change that received the blessing of Governor Made Mangku Pastika and Vice-Governor AAN Puspayoga.

The Bali Arts Festival presents a month-long program of cultural presentations and seminars by Balinese performers joined by arts troupes from abroad and across the entire nation of Indonesia.

Bali Arts Festival Schedule 2009

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