A Silent Day

Silent day

Nyepi Day (A Silent Day) is a yearly Balinese festival to celebrate Caka New Year – 1934. Silent Day is a day of silence, fasting, meditation and it is a day of self realization. This year will be celebrated on Friday, 23 March 2012. A day before Silent Day is called Ngerupuk and there will be a parade of Giant statue made by youngster as a symbol of evil and bad spirit. A day after Silent Day is called Ngembak Geni, usually will be celebrated by visiting family and friends.

During the main festival – the Silent Day, there are few things that should be followed such as Amati Geni: No fire/light, Amati Karya: No working, Amati Lelungan: No traveling and Amati Lelanguan: Fasting and no revelry/self-entertainment.

What make this festival unique is all remain silent, whereas public service such as hospital and police station are still remaining open except airport, harbor, school, beach and market. Silent Day will start from 6 a.m until 6 a.m the next morning. Villas and hotels are open but outdoor activities are forbidden and the guests are asked to stay within the villas or hotels’ area and minimize the activities during this 24-hour period. The guest should seek the advice of hotel / villa management regarding movement around the hotel grounds.